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       A Description of Our Services

Holistic Dentistry - "The mouth should be approached as though it were a temple, a very sacred place," says Dr. Geddo. "Not only are my patients pampered and cared for, but I affirm what they feel and I take their fears seriously. Right from the start I grasped the psychological and emotional impact of dentistry. "The mouth is the most complex and private area of the human body. Our first erogenous zone, the mouth contains preverbal memories of all pain and pleasure experienced by the newborn, and a great degree of helplessness and vulnerability arises at the very thought of a stranger, the dentist, rushing into this most intimate area with squealing, fast, sharp tools. The mouth is also the site of a number of eating disorders and may be heavily laden with either actual memories of violence and deprivation or the fear of violence and abandonment (forceful feeding or loss of breastfeeding for example).

Many patients have described the invasion of their mouth by the dentist as a form of violent assault, whether the dentist was actually rough and caused them pain, or simply rushed them through the procedure without giving them the opportunity to participate and pace themselves. Should the dentist have the awareness and the patience to recognize what is at play, it may be possible to integrate the mouth, with all its complex history, with the entire human being lying on the dental chair and bring about a truly healing and compassionate therapeutic unit."

Aesthetic Dentistry - Dr. Geddo is also proud to offer an exceptional level of "aesthetic dentistry" for people who need cosmetic work. A self-professed perfectionist, Dr. Geddo hand-sculpts every crown and veneer to harmonize with the patient's features and personality. "I insist that every job is done with scrupulous attention to detail, because of the impact that dental work can have on a person's appearance and self confidence," she explains. To that end she employs the services of a talented technician, trained both in Europe and North America , who is able to follow Dr. Geddo's instructions to solve the most complex and sophisticated cases.

Mercury Amalgam Removal - Dr. Geddo has provided a mercury-free practice for the last 20 years. Besides opting for a more aesthetically harmonious composite restoration, Dr. Geddo also provides safe amalgam removal via a Mercury Vapor Ionizer and other complementary equipment. This procedure is often highly recommended by naturopaths for patients with immune-system disorders and other problems attributed to mercury toxicity. Dr. Geddo loves replacing metal fillings with artistically crafted porcelain or composite restorations "like miniature sculptures." "I get an enormous number of referrals from alternative-health practitioners because my unique approach acknowledges that the patient's needs are paramount. Fundamentally, I believe in excellent and individual oral care on a willing, happy, and relaxed patient."

Relaxation Techniques - Dentistry doesn't have to be a white-knuckled experience; a concept Dr. Geddo has spent her lifetime trying to perfect. With relaxation techniques of her own creation-a combination of yoga, meditation, breathing excercises and hypnosis- Dr. Geddo helps her patients achieve a state of relaxation and happiness many would have believed impossible in the dentist's chair. This integration of relaxation techniques into her practice was inspired by Dr. Geddo's early studies under an expert in children's dentistry. Dr. Geddo understands that the fundamental need to feel safe is important at all ages- "going into someone's mouth is deeply personal and invasive, and I never begin any dental procedure until I have established a genuine rapport with a patient and they are completely relaxed and accepting." Despite all the extra time this takes, Dr. Geddo only charges for the dental procedure itself and never for any of the extra support and services that she is happy to provide to her grateful patients.

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