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       How Would You Like An Artist To Be Your Dentist?

Dr. Geddo - former concert violinist        Dr. Deanna Geddo, a former concert violinist, has transformed the high precision of her virtuoso technique into the feather-light, artistically crafted dentistry she practices. Also, because she is a delicate and extra-sensitive patient herself, Dr. Geddo has developed a focus on patients who are "terrified" of going to the dentist. After a long and successful career in Toronto , Dr. Geddo came to Victoria in 2002 and opened the first of her Integrated Dental Studios to practice and teach her philosophy of conscious and caring dentistry to patients and colleagues alike.

""Going to the Dentist can be a Heavenly Experience".

       By virtue of her commitment to alleviate pain and suffering in the world, Dr. Deanna Geddo practices her profession with a focus on individual as well as social healing. She is determined to transform the dentistry practiced in the West into a more humane and equitable therapeutic process. For this she starts by creating awareness among colleagues, patients, and staff about the complex issues of access and entitlement, and the inherent injustice in the wide variety of differing insurance plans. It is Dr. Geddo's hope to have dental treatment made part of Medicare in Canada and part of human rights the world over. Similarly, Deanna supports Affirmative Action, providing ample opportunities for those usually discriminated against in society to train in her clinics as dental receptionists, assistants, hygienists and dentists. She also works in close connection with grass roots organizations to listen to the needs of the different communities and help implement solutions.

        Last but not least, Dr. Deanna Geddo supports women's and children's projects in several other countries, asking patients and staff who benefited from her help in Canada to "adopt" someone in need elsewhere, thereby creating a larger network of healing and awareness.

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