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Dr. Geddo

Dr. GeddoAbsolutely nobody likes going to the dentist right? In Victoria at least that is not exactly true. Dr Deanna Geddo has specialized for many years in catering to the specific needs of sensitive patients who have learned to become fearful of the dentist's chair. Her solicitous humanitarian concern and empathetic personality have inspired her to tailor her dental practice towards those patients with particular anxieties and trauma. Dr. Geddo's combination of stress-reducing relaxation techniques and holistic practices has resulted in a once-nervous clientele who now regard a visit to the dentist as the highlight of their day.

"I consider dentistry to be a healing profession on many levels, and
it is important to me that every patient has a positive experience".

Dr. Deanna Geddo Focus magazine Advertisement on Integrated Dental Studios Dr. Deanna Geddo is well recognized for her holistic approach to dentistry, one that takes into account the biological aspects of a person, along with their values and spiritual, emotional, and psychological facets.

Deanna Geddo also has an aesthetic dental practice. Here too she brings a holistic approach. Aesthetic dentistry, in her hands, is a healing art, allowing each of us to discover and express our essential beauty.

Download this PDF about the aesthetic approach of Dr. Deanna Geddo

Dr. Geddo's officeDr. Geddo's sun-filled office might seem like a surprise, transcending what most of us expect of a dental treatment center. Music, candles, herbal tea, handmade furniture and artwork coax away any trepidation regarding a visit to the dentist, transforming it into the experience of visiting the serene and perhaps exotic abode of an attentive friend. Dr. Geddo's practice is shaped on the foundation that a visit to the dentist should be a pleasurable and healing experience.

"My most important mission in dentistry is to show people they
can truly look forward to coming to the dentist".

Even her pristine and cheerful treatment rooms are a far cry from what you might consider the norm. There is a distinctive absence of chemical smells and dental instruments are discreetly hidden away. Dr. Geddo uses substances that are biocompatible as well as sound techniques that unify and harmonize the otherwise shrill sounds of dentral instruments. Fourth Floor windows also open up to the sky and downtown Victoria, allowing the patients to lose themselves in the spectacular view of this city's charming downtown while being nurtured in the dental chair.

It all boils down to a very simple formula, excellent individualized oral care,
on a willing, happy and relaxed patient".

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